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Mr. Alex Kreager is professional and very persistent in his practice. He is able to effectively interprets legal terminology in a manner that helps his clients. He works in his clients' best interests.

-Josh T

Mr. Kreager is a creative and inventive lawyer. He assisted me with a property damage case against an insurance company. After we discussed the facts about the situation and talked to the insurance company, he settled my claim for twice the amount which was offered before his involvement.

-Fonda S

Best attorney, hands down!

-Nicole L

Alex Kreager represented my 2 sons and I in a very complicated divorce from a 15 yr marriage that involved 2 states. He worked tirelessly to preserve my spousal support and child support awards from VA while also preparing for the NC trial. Alex maintained constant contact (I live in Raleigh), explained all options, pros and cons throughout the entire process, which lasted nearly 2 years. In court his skills are unmatched! Overall, Mr. Kreager handled and settled all aspects of my divorce (child support, ED, divorce and alimony) with total satisfaction.


Mr Kreager has been a very effective and thorough attorney for me over the past several years. He has exemplified the true meaning of due diligence as my legal representative during various cases. I could not be happier with the overall outcome of each of my personal circumstances. I'm certain that having Mr Kreager in my corner is the reason my situations have culminated to what they are today.

-Josh S

You can trust Attorney Kreager to do his very best in civil and criminal matters, providing excellent advice and experience. He always responds very quickly to questions and concerns, and keeps you completely informed. I highly recommend Alex.

-Jim M

Mr.Kreager has handled a few cases for me and he has always done an outstanding job. I was always very satisfied in how hard he worked for me and how he treated me as his number one priority even though i knew he had tons of other cases. Unlike some lawyers i have used in the past he always knew who i was and the details of my case. I couldn't ask for a better or more hardworking attorney.